The Home for Tech Modern Fine Art

“This is the direction contemporary art is going in.”

   Megan Newcome, Director of Digital Strategy, Phillips Fine Art Auction House

Welcome to the Tech Modern Fine Art website. Its purpose is to champion and promote the work of Tech Modern fine artists throughout the world. Digital technology as a medium for fine art is growing rapidly. This site is dedicated to digital fine artists, advocates of digital fine art, art collectors, art connoisseurs, educators, critics and everyone curious to learn more about the progression of fine art in the fascinating, complex realm of creative visual technology. This such a vast and growing field that I am both excited and in awe of the possibilities of this website, where it can take us, what it will lead to, who will take this journey with me. I know that we are in for some astounding surprises.

On this site you will find the latest work of some of my favorite digital artists, as well as information, articles, blogs and discussions about all aspects of digital fine art, where it’s headed, and current trends in the TMFA community. With over 10,000,000 views across social media, which has brought me into contact with hundreds of talented digital artists, I am anxious to share with you everything I have discovered about Tech Modern fine art. Please feel free to request featured artist status, propose or submit articles on TMFA, comment in the space provided, or provide links to artists you feel would be a good fit for this site.

What defines a Tech Modern fine artist? For me, it is a dedication to one’s work, a never-ending quest to create new, exciting art, to make a contribution to the art world in general and to be passionate about art in all of its incarnations, past and contemporary. When a fine artist creates a work of art, it becomes fine art. That is no less valid for those creating with technology. Painting and photography in the eyes and hands of a digital fine artist become an entirely new category of art, but no less valuable. It’s new, it’s fantastic, and it’s open for interpretation. I invite a crowd of great digital fine artists (see: TechModernArtists of Google+) to gather here, with their friends and followers, talking about the growing excitement of Tech Modern fine art.