TMFA Curator CutZy McCall

 A selection of art by TMFA Curator CutZy McCall

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As your TMFA Curator CutZy McCall, I have done traditional art work for many years. But now I am going further, into realms of visual creation artists of the past could only dream about. What you see here is a lifetime of experimentation with a variety of traditional painting and drawing techniques, but taken to a new level – the level of Tech Modernism. It is easy for a serious artist to get “hooked” on digital visual art. There is so much software, so many technological tools available to serious artists, that the lure of the digital world is irresistible. When I founded TechModernArtists of Google+ four years ago, I had no idea how far I – or the many brilliant artists I invited to be there – would come. At first, a few people applied to be members of our group, which is still small compared to other online sites because I have always wanted it to be made up of  truly serious fine artists. However, more and more great artists are appearing every day, which proves to me that the digital world is constantly expanding, with some of the most astoundingly beautiful and fascinating work the world has ever seen.

My daily goal is to reach the limits of my imagination. I invite you to take this journey of visual amazement with me. This is not post-modernism. This is infinite modernism, a vision of the future, always new, always discovering. Sit back and watch the Tech Modern fine art universe unfold. Displayed by discerning collectors everywhere, the world will be dazzled. This site is for those who make the work and those who look forward to being immersed in the glow of Tech Modern fine art. To see my art, and as my friend and graphic designer Phil Jones like to say, “if you love it, buy it on Etsy.”

Yours Always in Love and Art,

TMFA Curator CutZy McCall