Invited Artist Gallery – Phil Jones

TMFA Invited Artist Gallery:

Philzie’s Studio

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Whether engaged in graphic design services, providing education or offering consultation services to clients, my underlying passion is artistic in nature. It is an honor to have an Artist Gallery and to be one of the Top 10 TMFA Invited Artists for CutZy McCall and the Tech Modern Fine Art movement. I am proud that I can support her in her efforts and I’m looking forward to seeing her realize her dream. One day soon, CutZy will be recognized, honored and supported by Google as the industry’s leader on all things Tech Modern…and I will be the first in line to attend her gallery opening.

Every artistic entrepreneur has a beginning, and mine started over twenty years ago. Though I didn’t know it at the time, I would go on to become a designer, an educator and an artist. I’ve been a professional designer for fifteen years and a professional trainer and educator for twenty. Most recently I’ve discovered the fun of being a digital fine artist. The Tech Modern Fine Art movement is allowing me to explore my creative side without having to create a singular, unified message as I do with graphic design. To view more of my work, and if you love it, buy it on Etsy.


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