Invited Artist Gallery – Lewis Skevington

TMFA Invited Artist Gallery:

Lewis Skevington

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Having studied art and design as a youth in the UK and the US, I feel that I am now in a position to share my work with the rest of the world. Being heavily influenced and inspired by the work produced from the Bauhaus school, my work reflects both a strong structure, solid composition as well as a flair for the bizarre. I hope you enjoy my artistic offering as much as I enjoy producing the pieces themselves. You can see more of my works outside of Tech Modern Fine Art’s Invited Artist Gallery at:


One thought on “Invited Artist Gallery – Lewis Skevington”

  1. Thank you for being a member of Tech Modern Fine Art, Lewis. We are honored to see your beautiful, luminous works of art here. Congratulations on your incredible career! I look forward to seeing more. I am going to your website to do just that.

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