Invited Artist Gallery – Tom Ranalli

TMFA Invited Artist Gallery:

Tom Ranalli

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My name is Tom Ranalli and I’ve been an art lover since I was a young man growing up in New York. My explorations in (tech) modern art began with an in-depth study of the masters of the New York school (specifically their works in abstract expressionism), particularly focusing on the works of Pollock, De Kooning, Kline, Mitchell, Frankenthaler, et al. My admiration of their work and those that followed them fascinates me to this day.

I had no formal art training, but coming from a tech background, I began experimenting with various iOS application to create my own works. Using a combination of filtering, texturing, blending, and other techniques, I’ve been able to create a number of works that have been well-received by others frequenting modern art social media sites. I hope my work captures the imagination for those on this website as well.

You can see more of my works outside of Tech Modern Fine Art’s Invited Artist Gallery at:

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